Chef Natalia Fragapane...

... created Trattoria Dionisia on October 1st, 2012, with much effort and dedication to achieve the highest quality, kindness, and good products that customers deserve to savor: "the charm of traditional Italian home cooking".

Trattoria Dionisia was thought in memory of a great woman and Italian grandmother, Dionisia Stringuini, who every day is still present in our hearts and actions. Her legacy to us was her love to cook Italian food and each day we prepare and serve it to our customers.

Our dedication and effort into each recipe, special, scents, colors, flavors, offering wide varieties of pizzas, traditional pasta, extensive varieded in desserts, cannoli, tiramisu, ricotta cake, mousse varieties, fruit tart sabayon , homemade gelato, one accessible wine list with excellent prices.

Come enjoy our family with a warm and fabulous service.


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Natalia Fragapane

Natalia Fragapane

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